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One Team One Mission

We are a singular team coming together to achieve the same goal: to help our customers see that the dream of homeownership can be a reality.

Always Innovating

Progress can't be made standing still. We are always looking for new ways to do business and better serve our customers.

Supporting Each Other

Our team is big on professional and personal growth, so we are always supporting and encouraging one another to grow in their career.

Meaningful Lending

We do the right thing for our customers and take the extra steps to get them into the home of their dreams.

Since joining Service First in early 2019, I have doubled my personal production and then doubled it again. I know I am just scratching the surface because I have the leadership, support, and systems around me to take my business to the next level. It's great working with professionals who truly care about helping me reach my goals.

Joshua SmithProducing Branch Manager, Arlington

4.98 ⭑

Social Survey customer satisfaction.

+ 483%

Joshua’s personal production increase 2020 YTD vs. 2019 YTD

+ 220%

Branch production increase 2020 YTD vs. 2019 YTD.

More Success Stories

I came from a big bank where I was stuck with my production and just couldn’t seem to reach the next level, but that all changed when I joined Service First. With the support of the leadership and the other departments, I was able to better understand and create a team structure that continues to grow and get better day after day. Now I’m reaching levels I never thought were possible.

Roger CazaresLoan Officer, Laredo

The most resounding thing Service First has given me, and continues to give, is the support and transparency from the leadership team. Not only did they make me believe that I can achieve something greater than I could ever imagine, but that I would have them right there to actually help me get to where I am today. There were so many potential mistakes I would have made had I not had the leadership here to guide me through the growth of my business and my branch’s success. I think it’s incredible that Service First is consistently one of the top companies in DFW, and now my branch has exceeded records to becoming the number one branch as well.

Natalee DavenportProducing Branch Manager, Rockwall

Before joining Service First, I had all of these ideas in my head of what could take my business to the next level, but it wasn’t until I joined Service First that those pieces became a reality. The culture, the team members, the support from others, the leadership, and the tools that Service First offered were the missing links. Not only did this take my production to a level I never dreamed of, but it did it in a way that also brought less stress and ultimately peace.

Michael ChalkerProducing Branch Manager, Gilbert


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