Questions about servicing?

I am making regular payments to Service First Mortgage and need to speak with someone about my account.
Call: 877-865-9792

I recently closed my loan and need to speak with someone about my account.
Call: 800-321-2320

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Where do I send my first payment?

Until you receive a Servicing Transfer Letter instructing you to send payments to another company, please send mortgage payments to the Corporate Office. Three Temporary Payment Coupons have been provided in your closing package specifically for this purpose.

My property was damaged, and the check from the insurance company has Service First as the payee. How do I get my check endorsed?

If you are making monthly mortgage payments to Service First, please call 877-865-9792 for instructions for getting the check endorsed. Please note: Insurance checks are not endorsed at branches or the Corporate Office.

If you are making mortgage payments to another company, please update the mortgagee clause on your insurance policy. The Servicing Transfer Letter or a monthly mortgage statement should be enough evidence to update the policy with your insurance company. The insurance company can then write another check with the correct company listed as payee, and you can coordinate with the new servicer to get the check endorsed.

Can I pay online?

Visit our payments page to pay online.

I received a transfer letter instructing me to send payments to another company. The new company is scheduled to start taking my payments a month after my first payment. What do I do with the first payment?

Please use the temporary payment coupons from your closing package and mail the payment to the Corporate Office. Even though the new company is scheduled to start accepting payments a month or more after the first payment, any payments due prior to the servicing transfer are still payable to Service First. Regular monthly mortgage payments must be maintained throughout the life of the loan, regardless of service transfer.

Who is Dovenmuehle?

Service First employs Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc. as a sub servicer to perform loan administration functions for service retained loans. Because this is a ‚ÄúPrivate Label” agreement, monthly payments are made payable to Service First, monthly account statements and the website are branded Service First, and representatives at Dovenmuehle identify themselves as Service First.