Why Use a Service First Loan Officer? - Service First Mortgage

Every day our loan officers come in with the intent of practicing Meaningful Lending. This means a borrower will have someone in their corner helping them through the entire loan process start to finish and also guiding them through times of uncertainty making sure they know what their options are.

This is part of the Service First way and is something learned from day one.

“At Service First, part of the onboarding process consists of a 3 day boot camp and follow up training to ensure an easy transition,” said Diana Gonzalez, Talent Development Manager. “Boot camp provides the tools and resources needed for our new team members to succeed in their roles. They hear from key leaders in our organization, learn how to successfully manage a loan through closing the Service First way, and understand our S3 philosophy (Speed, Service and Synergy) and how it separates us from our competition.”

Learning from our experienced Executive Leadership team, each holding more than 20 years of industry experience, our loan officers take part in our Service First Accountability Workshops where they learn from their peers, keep each other accountable to constantly improve, and share ideas they can implement.


From reading books to taking classes and attending conferences, our loan officers have a thirst for knowledge, and Service First works to give them the tools they need.

“Learning happens in a variety of ways,” Gonzales said. “So we offer opportunities for continued training through e-learnings, instructor-led classes, videos, and an online platform for regulatory specific courses.”

Our loan officers live up to the title of Highly-Trained Professionals, and past borrowers agree. Our Net Promoter Score is 96% meaning that 96 out of 100 people would strongly recommend us to a friend or family member. We also have earned a 4.9 customer satisfaction score on 8,000+ Social Survey reviews.

Today, it’s more important than ever that borrowers work with a Highly Trained Professional.

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