We're Open and 100% Mobile - Service First Mortgage

WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We planned for something like this and implemented our Business Continuity Plan to get our team 100% mobile in just one day!

No Disruptions

Our Business Continuity Plan allows our team to serve you and process your loan just like they would any other day. 

Our exceptional operations team is maintaining our average loan close time to help borrowers make their dreams of homeownership a reality even during these tumultuous times.

100% Mobile

Incorporating purposeful technologies and software into company processes, we have been able to build an infrastructure that sets us apart from other lenders and banks by allowing our team to perform duties 100% remote and continue business as usual in the midst of current events.

That way we can continue to serve you and your family without delays and headaches.

We Thought Ahead

As a company, we want to be ready for whatever is thrown our way, so over the years our leadership has continually revised a plan where we wouldn’t be derailed by a situation like this.

When this situation required action, we were able to implement the Business Continuity Plan and get our team safe and back to work in one day. 

Ian Kimball
Executive Director of Strategy

“Priority #1 for Service First Mortgage is the health and safety of our customers, referral partners and employees,” said Ian Kimball, Executive Director of Strategy. “As we continue to monitor and respond to the current situation, Service First has chosen to serve our clients and partners with our team members working remotely. We are confident in our ability to continue meeting our customers home financing needs. We’re still open for business. We’re just conducting business a little differently for the time being.”