Top 7 Apps for Realtors (+ 2 Bonus Apps) - Service First Mortgage

As a Realtor, there’s a pretty good chance that the bulk of your work day is spent outside of the office – hosting open houses, attending networking events, and meeting with clients likely take up a big chunk of your day. So how do you juggle a busy schedule and still make sure that your day-to-day operations don’t suffer?

Luckily, there are a few handy tools available that you can use to help streamline your operational tasks to get the most out of your days!

Use This To: Collect signatures digitally
Cost: Starts at $10 per month
If you’ve ever had a closing delayed because you were waiting on one person’s signature, you know how important it is to make signing off on documents as pain-free as possible. With DocuSign, you can avoid having to track someone down and can instead obtain signatures digitally. You can even receive notifications when various parties sign, to make sure that you are informed at all times.


Use This To: Store documents and access them anywhere
Cost: Free plan available; paid tiers for additional storage and services
You may not be able to carry your computer with you everywhere, but with Dropbox, you can still bring your files! The tool allows you to store documents in the cloud so that you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection. Along with office storage, you can also set up automatic photo backups from your phone – a wonderful option if you take photos of clients’ business cards and want to make sure you don’t lose them! Dropbox for Business provides you with even more collaboration capabilities when used within a team setting.


Open Home Pro
Use This To: Track open house visitors
Cost: Free version available; premium version starts at $20 per month
Open Home Pro is a digital sign-in solution to help you manage open house attendees. Using the software, you can have visitors sign up upon arrival so that you can keep track of who is showing up where. Once you’ve captured their information, the app can take it a step further by providing automated follow-up emails to keep your potential buyers engaged.

Bonus App: Doodle
CostFree version available; Premium plans begin at $39 per year
After you’ve collected names, it’s time to follow up with potential buyers, and also engage other professionals who can assist those buyers throughout the home buying process. Doodle is a great calendar management tool that allows each party to provide their availability, giving you the opportunity to select times that work best for everyone with minimal back-and-forth.


Use This To: Design creative graphics
Cost: Forever Free plan available; Work plan starting at $9.95 per month
Sometimes, it’s not just ok to BE great — you also have to LOOK great. However, it’s not always possible to keep a graphic designer on hand. That’s where Canva comes in. With this tool, you can use a variety of templates to create everything from flyers to posters to social media posts, with no experience required.


Use This To: Map out routes to events
Cost: Free
Driving to various events and open houses means you’ll inevitably run into traffic. When time is of the essence, you can use Waze to get you to your destination. Waze directs users to the quickest routes based on traffic flow and user submissions, ensuring you get to your destination as expected.



Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Use This To: Edit video content
Cost: Free to use; upgrade features available to purchase in-app
Video is king in the age of social media, and is definitely a valuable tool in real estate! With the InShot app, you can edit videos that you’ve recorded to make them more enticing and shareable on social media! The app allows you to add filters, insert text and music, and much more to make the video your own. And, if you’re interested in educating your entire office about the tool and how it can help your business, Service First can take care of the class for you!

Bonus App: YouTube
CostFree version available; Premium plans begin at $39 per year
Once you’ve created and edited your videos, you’ll need a place to host them, right? YouTube is just that place! You can create a channel on the site, making it easier for clients to locate and view your content. Plus, you can review video stats to see which topics are resonating with your viewers so you can create similar videos!


Lending Hub

Use This To: Stay connected with Service First and buyers throughout the lending and home buying process
Cost: Free
Of course we couldn’t bring up the best tools for Realtors without mentioning our own Lending Hub app! With Lending Hub, borrowers can complete their entire mortgage process from their phones or tablets, including calculating estimated payments, submitting applications, and uploading documents.


In addition to making the process easy for borrowers, the app can also be co-branded with YOU so you can share information, provide direct access to your active MLS listings, and receive notifications of milestone events. Win-win!