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Did you know the average days to close on a mortgage loan is 44? That’s over six weeks of gathering documents, answering questions, and waiting in limbo to see if you’ll be able to move into your new home!  Service First averages 16 days to clear to close.

There’s a lot to be said about keeping the loan process moving. As a borrower, the benefits are numerous. For example, if the seller is short on time a pre-approval from a fast-acting lender could be the decisive advantage in having your offer accepted.

What about the benefit of speed for our loan officers? At Service First expediency is one of our top priorities, not just for the sake of our borrowers but for our employees as well.


Think back to when you’ve had a tough job sitting in front of you that needed to be done. Was it easier working towards a solution with a sense of purpose, or doing it under constant pressure with someone yelling at you?

Many people would answer under pressure but there’s a catch to that: working under constant pressure is never a formula for long term success.

The mortgage industry can be stressful, and many loan officers reflect this in their performance through a lack of passion or enthusiasm. That’s not the experience we want here at Service First, for either our customers or our employees. To have the very best loan officers in this business we need them to be passionate, and one of the ways we accomplish that is through speed.


Everyone who comes to work at Service First is first taught the Power of S3: Speed, Service, and Synergy. These aren’t buzzwords either; they’re practices that are fully integrated into our system of originating loans.

We achieve speed through a non-linear approach to mortgage finance. Most lenders will move a loan file one step at a time through the process; we use a synchronized process. Instead of just a single department working on an application at a time multiple departments will have their hands on it. This means more eyes on the file, more of our colleagues invested in moving it forward, and more opportunities to catch those items that cause costly closing delays.

Working together in unison means everyone is pushing towards the same goal at the exact same time: getting our borrowers’ loan closed. Now we start to alleviate some of the pressure our loan officers feel when you have unrealistic expectations, uncertain deadlines, and an overall unpredictable process.

In turn, our loan officers are going to show a greater sense of enthusiasm when they speaking to our borrowers and referral partners because they know they have the backing of a well-trained team. They believe in the Service First system because they get to see just how powerful it is on a daily basis.


Borrowers unanimously give one reason above all others when it comes to why they want a lender who is fast: it gets the whole thing over and done with quickly !

Moving borrowers as quickly as possible from point A to point B is one of the very best ways to provide them a positive experience here at Service First. More importantly, speed provides a great experience to our partners and our people.

The next time you’re in the market for a new home make your experience as enjoyable as possible by choosing a lender that can close your loan right and on time. If you’re in the market for a home now just fill out the form below and one of our loan officers will be glad to help you experience the Power of S3 firsthand.

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