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Today is the first day of spring and you know what that means – the winter months are over and the weather is finally starting to warm up. Now’s the perfect time to grab a cold lemonade and lounge on the porch.

Before you get too relaxed, you should know that spring is actually the perfect time to tackle some maintenance tasks in and around the house. Taking care of these ensures that there was no winter damage and also makes sure you’re prepared for summer. With these things out of the way, you can make time for what you really want to do – soak up the sun!



Inspect your roof

Winter weather can often do a number on your roof, so be sure to do a visual check to make sure that there are no shingles loose and no visible damage. In addition, if you are able, check the gutters and remove any debris that may be building up in them.

Run your faucets and sprinklers

Bring your hoses out of storage and connect them to any outdoor faucets and sprinklers. If you notice any leaks or clogs, it gives you plenty of time to get them prepared before you really need them in the summer months.

Begin landscaping projects

As your trees and shrubs start to come back in, spend some time pruning and trimming them to maintain healthy greenery and prevent any obstructions or damage to your home.

Check and repair lawn care tools

Speaking of landscaping – you’ll also want to double check that your lawn care tools – lawnmower, hedge clippers, and the like – are in working order. If you notice anything that needs replacing, take care of it early before the mad rush to home improvement stores begins.



Check and clean any ducts

Your HVAC system gets a workout during the winter, so once things settle down, have a professional come in to do a quick check to ensure that things are still running smoothly. If they notice any issues, you can get them repaired before the summer heat kicks in. Also – while it’s important to check on your heating and A/C, you’ll want to make sure you don’t neglect your dryer duct – several home fires occur because of dryer ducts, so use this time to check that everything is on the up and up.

Check attics and crawl spaces for critters

You and your family aren’t always the only ones seeking warmth in your home. Check attics and crawl spaces to make sure pests haven’t set up shop. If you notice them, contact a professional to remove them and be sure to patch up any holes they could have come in through.

Deep clean carpets in high traffic areas

After spending so much time indoors, you’ll probably notice that the carpets in many of your popular rooms may begin to show signs of wear. Do a deep cleaning of those areas to freshen things up and make your rooms look as good as new.

Check batteries and alarms and emergency kits

It’s always a best practice to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly, but spring is a good time to replace them so that you’re assured that you are going into the summer with working detectors. Also, if you have any emergency kits that include flashlights or battery-powered radios, be sure to check those and replace as needed.

Finish any pet projects

If you’ve been putting off things like relining shelves or organizing drawers, spring is a great time to get these scratched off of your list. The more tasks you wrap up now, the less you have to take care of when summer rolls around!

Handling smaller tasks like these may seem mundane, but they make a world of difference and help breathe new life into a home by keeping it fresh, efficient, and uncluttered.

If you’ve also been looking into larger projects, spring is a great time to tackle those as well! Things like adding a pool, building a deck, or creating outdoor living spaces work wonders for adding character to your home and providing additional spaces for entertaining guests. And with Service First, you can get projects like these taken care of with the help of a Renovation Loan. We offer a variety of products for a variety of projects, so if you are considering making a home renovation, our Specialty Lending team would love to help!

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