Introducing Specialty Terms - Service First Mortgage

Imagine you and your family are looking to get into a new home this summer. After looking around and watching the market, you’ve decided that the best decision for your family is to refinance.

Now you are speaking with a Loan Officer to talk over the terms of your new mortgage. If you’ve been paying on your current loan for a few years, it’s understandable not wanting to extend your term back to 30 years or busting your budget trying to shorten it to 15 years.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to be able to lock a mortgage with terms that fit your situation? Now you can with Specialty Terms! This will allow your loan to have custom terms (when parameters are met) to help you stay on budget, schedule, and most importantly overcome objections around extending your term.

How it works

Let’s say that you have a 30-year mortgage and have been paying on it for 6 years. Instead of going back to a 30-year and increasing your maturity date, you can take advantage of a 24-year term.

The same applies even if you’ve been paying on your loan for a longer period of time. If you have 14 years left and you decide now is a good time to refinance, rather than taking a 30 or 15-year term, you can opt for a 14-year term.

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