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Service First Cares begins 2019 DonorsChoose Campaign for Teachers

For years we’ve heard the stories about just how underfunded our teachers are in their classrooms. Now, thanks to a survey by the U.S. Department of Education, we can give a number to how much teachers take from their own pockets to keep their classrooms stocked with basic supplies.

479 dollars per teacher, on average. In many cases teachers report even higher costs so they could go above and beyond in giving their students a memorable learning experience.

If teachers can be so generous when it comes to helping raise our children we should be willing to return that favor when it comes to homeownership. That’s why we’re proud to once again offer a helping hand to our educators through our annual Teacher Campaign in partnership with DonorsChoose!

Solutions For Teachers

DonorsChoose is a platform developed by teachers, for teachers. Founded by Bronx teacher Charles Best in 2000, DonorsChoose was envisioned as a place where people could contribute to classroom projects and see exactly how their money was being used. Teachers post the materials they need and visitors can donate however much they see fit towards the costs.

To date DonorsChoose has contributed nearly a billion dollars from 3.7 million citizen donors. This translates to 33 million students touched by the work of this program!

Community Focused Lending

DonorsChoose’s focus on cultivating positive change in the classroom is what first brought it to the attention of Service First Cares. Our internal philanthropy committee, Service First Cares looks to create local impact by partnering with trans formative, community driven organizations.

Since our collaboration began in 2017 DonorsChoose and Service First have been a natural fit together. Our efforts have helped 118 families, reached 54 school districts, and paid out over 104,000 worth of supplies to classrooms in need.

How It Works

The idea behind the campaign is simple: any educator who applies for a qualifying loan during the eligibility period receives a 500.00 DonorsChoose gift card when the loan closes.

This year’s campaign runs from April 15th until August 31st  and is open to any educator who spends at least 75% of their time alongside students (including teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, and librarians).  Here’s how it works:

  1. Select an eligible loan product.
  2. Complete an application during the program timeframe (April 15th until August 31st).
  3. Receive a 500 giftcard at closing for use on the DonorsChoose website!

We Love Our Teachers!

New home purchases are only one of the eligible loans teachers can apply for between now and August 31st. For those who aren’t in the market to buy remember that renovation loans, pool loans, and construction loans are all eligible. This means if you’re a teacher and already own your home you can still take advantage of this great deal.

Get started by calling one of our loan officers today and give us a chance to help make your dreams come true both in and outside of the classroom. Thank you teachers, for all that you do!

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