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Real estate is a dynamic industry but the qualities that make for a reliable lending partner never change. At Service First we want to be your partner in every sense of the word- by taking some of the work off your plate and making your job easier.

Competitive Rates & Programs

“What are the interest rates like?” Most likely that’s the very first question you’ll hear when you recommend a lender to your client. We’re proud to boast some of the most competitive rates in our markets along with flexible programs to cover all kinds of different scenarios. If your client doesn’t qualify we’ll figure out a plan of action to put them on the road to a successful mortgage process.


A real partner is someone you can call on in a pinch, someone who answers the phone and helps solve difficult problems nobody else wants to deal with. We’re available nights and weekends because that’s when some of the most challenging issues can arise. That level of accessibility is what we mean by Service and is absolutely essential to any strong Lender/Realtor partnership.

Easy Process

A common theme in our reviews is the effort our loan officers put towards borrower education. Your clients will understand the interest rate, the closing costs, and the reasoning behind those numbers. If they choose Service First to be their lender we’re going to keep them informed of their status at every step and make sure they aren’t confused at any time in the process.

Fast Closing

Borrowers don’t want a drawn out loan process, they want it to be as quick and painless as possible. A fast moving loan is a better overall experience for our borrowers which is why every team member at Service First acts with a sense of Speed. Aided with programs like FastPass we can move a loan to closing in as little as 7 days.


Few loans are perfect and that’s okay. At Service First we want loans to close, and when there’s a problem we’re going to be creative and find a solution. We call this idea Synergy- a unified effort to move as many loans from application to closing as possible.

A Growing Team

For twenty years Service First has steadily grown from a single office in Richardson to the lender of choice on thousands of home transactions. Today we’re the 5th largest lender by volume in the entire region, a statistic that puts us in the same tier as some of the largest banks in the country.

This incredible growth is why we plan on continuing down the same successful path we’ve followed for the past two decades. Service First is still, as always, a reliable lender providing local and high quality service to our referral partners.

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