Mortgage products available for low credit scores

Service First is here to serve your clients. With our servicing portfolio and ability to sell directly to the agencies, we are one of the only lenders still able to offer products to borrowers with a 580+ credit score.

For more information, you can reach out to one of our highly-trained professional loan officers.

* Borrowers must meet lending requirements.

Mortgage Response Team

The Mortgage Response Team is a group consisting of our Executive Leadership, Loan Officers, and industry experts coming together to help answer your questions with up-to-date information.

Because the market is extremely volatile and things are changing so quickly, there’s a lot of rumors and false information that can leave you and your customers not knowing what to do.

Those on our Mortgage Response Team proactively seek out factual information that will help you stay up to date to be able to help your customers.

How may we help you?

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Why talk with a Service First Loan Officer?

There’s been some misinformation in the mortgage industry, so it’s well worth your time to sit down with a Service First Loan Officer and double-check all the facts.


Service First Loan Officers are Highly-Trained Professionals

If your customer was pre-qualified 3 or more weeks ago by another lender, their final approval conditions may have changed.

Service First Loan Officers can structure a loan to increase the possibility of approval.

Service First offers mortgage loan products that most lenders do not today.

As things continue to change in the housing market, Service First is continuing to process loans at record volumes. This is not stopping our Operations Team as we continue to stay on target and keep our average processing time predictable. This means that when your client locks their rate, our Highly-Trained Professional Loan Officers will be able to advise and let them know when they can expect to close.

Rates are low!

Even in today’s market, we are still seeing rates near record lows still making it a great time to look at getting into a new home and partner with a lender that is always looking out for your client. Since information is changing so quickly, Service First’s Highly-Trained Professional Loan Officers are constantly working to give your client up-to-date information so they know their options at any given time.

Check with a Service First Loan Officer for today's rates and offerings.

Eclosings Available

Service First understands the importance of staying at home, and we think that it should not keep your client from closing on their loan. To keep your client healthy and to take care of delays, Service First eClosing offers the ability to accept documents done through a mobile notary so your client can close from the comfort of their home.

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