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Brenna Montesino Loan Officer Associate

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My Bio

My name is Brenna Montesino, formerly Brenna B! My family calls me Bren; my friends call me B.

I began this journey in the mortgage industry in my early 20’s and am grateful to share my experience with you. Back in 1999, I was just out of college and felt lucky to land an apprenticeship with an Appraisal firm in Houston, TX. The owner recognized my potential and introduced me to a large wholesale lender. Throughout the next decade, I mastered guidelines and figured out what it takes to fund complex transactions. In 2002, I transferred to Addison, TX, devoting the rest of my young adult life to mortgages in the DFW Metroplex! In October 2007, I met my husband, who is also in the mortgage industry, and my life was forever changed! I went from being a single young professional to having a future husband and bonus daughter! Two months before our wedding in 2010, we joined Service First Mortgage. The next big change came at the end of 2011 when we welcomed our baby! I continued to process loans for a couple of years but I am blessed to have taken some time off to raise our son.

Fast forward to the middle of 2017. An awesome opportunity presented itself and I became a Realtor. I discovered everything real estate agents handle before the client gets to the financial part of the home-buying process. With this experience came the realization that lending is my passion! I enjoy guiding people through what may be the biggest financial transaction of their life.

The Power of S3 platform at Service First Mortgage (Speed, Service, and Synergy) and the systems in place allow me to help agents with their business, as well as build plans for clients to create wealth through real estate.

It is important to know who you work with, so here are several of my core beliefs:

  • There is nothing greater than GOD
  • GOD is present everyday through kindness, faith, hope, joy and most importantly LOVE
  • FAMILY is the most treasured gift in life, period
  • HONESTY is always the only policy
  • INTEGRITY is understanding that what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular; it’s important to always do what’s right
  • It is necessary to keep LEARNING to keep GROWING
  • TIME is the most valuable commodity; the days seem long but the years are short, so cherish every moment!

It would be an honor to become your lending partner today.

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