Helping Our Students Learn - Service First Mortgage

For students all across the country, this school year is looking a lot different. From total remote learning to only being able to sit in a classroom 1 day a week, some students are struggling and feeling overwhelmed in their coursework.

Wanting to help our employees’ students find success in a very abnormal learning environment, the Service First Culture Committee came up with the idea and championed the effort of forming a tutoring program to help these students succeed.

A benefit paid for by Service First, we have partnered with professional tutors to help employees students ranging from elementary school all the way to college. As a company, we commit to always being there for our customers, but we are also committed to being there for our team members.

 Over the past few weeks, some of our employees have shared their experiences of how this program has helped their students take this new challenge in stride and find success.

All of our team members have been working long hours and this is one way we are wanting to support them and their families.

Tutoring Program Testimonials

“The tutoring service is such a huge blessing and has allowed my daughter to get on top of the learning curve instead of falling behind. I cannot express how grateful I am that Service First has provided this service. Both SFMC and the tutoring company have been absolutely amazing to work with and made things so easy!”

-Heather Stevenson, Loan Officer

“My 8 year old son just finished the virtual tutoring and he really enjoyed it. I could hear him during the session getting excited about the math problems he was getting right. As soon as the meeting was over, he ran into my office to tell me that he learned “ a lot, a lot” and that he really wants to keep working with the tutor. I just wanted to thank you for the support program that is being offered and to let you know that it was well utilized. It makes my mom heart burust for my boy to already be re-gaining his confidence and feel good about this.”

-Becki Rowe, Processor