Finding the Right Lender - Service First Mortgage

In order to purchase your new home, you will need a lender you can trust. It’s important to take your time, do research, compare interest rates between different lenders. By using the following steps below, will help you find a good mortgage lender that will help you purchase your dream home.

Word of Mouth

Have a friend or coworker who recently purchased a home? Ask about their recent or past experience on buying a home. If your friend or coworker had a good experience with their lender, perhaps you can look into working with the same lender.


If you don’t have any personal recommendations or ideas on a helpful lender, you can always research the top mortgage lenders in your area, or the area in which you would like to move to.

Mortgage Rates

When researching, you should pay close attention to the current rates for home loans. You should always ask for a breakdown of all costs and fees included in your rate.

Breaking Down Your Options

After doing your researching, you should narrow down your options. Which lender has the best rates? Did the lender promptly return phone calls or emails? Was the lender willing or able to answer your questions? Finding the right lender is a process.

Looking for a reliable lender? Let us show you why it’s easier here at Service First!