Financial Tips for Married Couples - Service First Mortgage

Having a marriage in which both spouses are able to be upfront and honest about their expectations and goals is the first step to a monetary marital bliss.

So what next?

Understanding your spouse’s financial perspective can help build a strong financial foundation for your family’s future. Once you both have a clear understanding of where you stand financially; create a plan for the good and bad times that may occur in the future. Gather all financial and medical documents for an easy reference of where you stand financially.

Another important factor in a marriage is life insurance. Each spouse should consider investing in a life insurance policy. Planning for unexpected incidents will give you both peace of mind. There are different options to choose from when deciding on which life insurance is best for you; 10, 20, or 30 years of coverage.

Working together as a unit is key. Knowing where your spouse stands financially can help determine the time frame of preparing for huge investments such as buying a new home.

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