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Service – The act of helping or doing work for someone

The word ‘service’ has such a simple definition but with it comes with a heavy implication. Service is not just about saying “yes sir” or “no ma’am,” it’s the philosophy behind how a business approaches the relationship between the employees and the customer. Response speed, complaint resolution, customer retention, and reputation all fall under the general idea of service.

At Service First how we connect with our customers is so important that it’s in our our name. Service is also the second pillar in our S3 System, the basis for who we are and how we conduct business every single day.

Service Today

As the world has moved online traditional expectations of service have changed. Consider some of the following facts <1>:

  • 65% of customers expect response time to be faster than it was 5 years ago
  • 41% of young customers want more options for contacting customer service
  • 27% of young customers consider an experience bad if they can’t use their preferred method to contact a business

The message to businesses is loud and clear: we need to be accessible and help our customers in a multitude of ways whenever they need us.  Doing that takes effort, but that effort is how we create customers for life and maintain those relationships we’ve already built.

How We Meet the Demands of Service

To keep pace with the demands of modern consumers we approach service from three different angles: technology, training, and tenure. This approach allows us to deliver a consistent experience, on time, year after year.

Technology. Thanks to advances in technology we can keep up with the customer’s need to communicate in many different ways at many different times. More importantly, technology allows for an experience that is both uniform and consistent. Nobody wants to call a company with a problem and get two completely different answers from different people. Our technology-based approach ensures our messages and solutions are the same, and that in turn creates reassurance in our borrowers and clients.

Training. Without training the power of technology is limited. By training our staff to be the most knowledgeable loan officers in the market we give them the capacity to answer any question our borrowers might need answered. Having the knowledge necessary to service a product for your customers is one of the most vital components of a quality service experience <2>.

Tenure.  Tenure is what ties our technology and training together. Tenure represents the dedication our employees have to our company as well as the institutional knowledge they carry with them. Seeing the same faces and hearing the same names, year after year, communicates a clear message: Service First is a team that stays together for the long haul.

The Challenge of Excellent Service

Global changes in business have forced companies to be more receptive and responsive to their customers. Where some organizations struggle Service First has embraced the challenge of finding newer and better ways to connect with our customers and referral partners.

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