Service First Digital Mortgage Experience - Service First Mortgage

What is the Service First Digital Mortgage Experience?

Buying a new home can be a time-consuming process having to gather all needed documentation and attend the closing. With our schedules constantly having us be on the go, we want to make the mortgage process easier by having a way for you to complete the entire process electronically.

Complete Your Application

You no longer have to fill out a lengthy physical application. With our LendingHub app, you are able to complete your entire application online from your phone.

Submit Documents

Once you have the list of needed documentation we’ll need to process your file, save time and paper by submitting them electronically.

Recieve Updates

You don’t have to take time out of your day to meet with your loan officer when there are updates to your loan. Get push notifications of any new information right to your phone.


Closing on your loan can be lengthy, but the eClosing platform streamlines the process making things much easier. You are able to review and sign most documents from anywhere with an internet connection leaving you plenty of time to ask questions. This cuts the time of in-person closings from hours to minutes.