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Pete Montesino
Producing Branch Manager
p. 972-608-7501
NMLS #233775

About Pete

I started my journey in the mortgage business at a young age (21 to be exact). I began as a struggling Loan Officer in the mortgage business in Tampa, FL where I grew up, so I understand how hard it can be to thrive in a competitive market like DFW. I’ve now been in the Mortgage industry for over 24 years and throughout that time I’ve learned A LOT about the Real Estate and Mortgage industry which has taught me how to be a TRUE and VALUED PARTNER and RESOURCE to my Realtors Partners, Loan Officers on my TEAM and Clients.

Today I am proud to have gotten to the place where I’ve built a THRIVING TEAM with Service First Mortgage for the past 9 years. Over this time I’ve asked myself this question… What do Loan Officers and Our Referral Partner’s WANT? The best answer I’ve found is you want and need someone you can count on to get the job done CONSISTENTLY and has the tools and KNOWLEDGE TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR business – and that’s me!

Currently I am a Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer who devotes 100% of my time to my team, my clients and our Partnerships.

My TEAM calls me The Mortgage Doctor because your financial future is VERY important and when placed in the wrong hands could send you down the wrong financial path. I’m here to help PRESCRIBE you with the BEST plan to suit your long term finance goals and needs!

I believe it is important to know who you are working with, so I’d like to share my core beliefs:

  • I believe it is important to know who you are working with, so I’d like to share my core beliefs:
  • I believe in GOD and family is of fundamental importance
  • I believe that honesty is the best policy and that trust has to be earned
  • I believe in Integrity and doing what’s right even when no one is looking
  • I believe that we should always be learning, listening, and teaching
  • I believe days can be long, but life is short, so CHERISH every moment!

Charles Mentesana
Senior Loan Officer
p. 214-543-3997
NMLS #233676

About Charles

As a Dallas Native Charles has seen the change and growth in the DFW Area. After receiving his degree in Business and Economics from Centenary College of Louisiana, Charles went to work in Marketing and Advertising and after 10 years he entered the Mortgage Industry where he has been since 2005. Over this time he has become a successful and respected Mortgage Banker in the area.

As a Seasoned Mortgage Professional Charles believes in structuring a loan to fit his client’s needs. Customer Service is First on Charles’ mind when he begins the loan process with a client. Experience, knowledge and compassion is what helps him reach high customer service levels.

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HomeReady®/Home Possible®
Designed to serve today’s market of creditworthy, low-to moderate-income borrowers and communities.

Cash Out Refinance
Turn your home’s equity into cash to consolidate debt, make home repairs, pay for education, and much more.


2/1 Buydown
Buy today, with last year’s rates!
Great for builders or listings that need to attract interest.

Pool Escrow
Allows borrowers to buy a new home and include the cost of a new pool.

Renovation Loans
Allows borrowers to purchase or refinance a home that needs repairs and includes the funds needed for
renovation in the loan balance.


FHA loans typically provide lower interest rates and lower down payment requirements, making it an attractive first time home buyer program for buyers with credit scores above 580.

Reserved for veteran and active duty buyers and do not require a down payment or monthly mortgage insurance.

Properties in eligible rural areas, do not require a down payment, have low monthly mortgage insurance, and may allow closing costs to be rolled into the loan.


Jumbo Loans
Designed for loans above $548,250 and up to $3 million. Interest-only ARMs are also available.

Bridge Loans
Helps buyers avoid the hassle of selling their current homes before the purchase of their new homes.
Eliminates contingencies and makes offers more attractive to sellers.

Inherited Property
Finance the family property without the hassle.

Helps underserved buyers purchase homes by utilizing one of several available State and local bond/grant

Our Core Values

We understand great cultures don’t just happen, they’re cultivated. They take creativity, a willingness to be different. We actively recruit and hire energetic, positive and productive ‘we’ people to ensure we are prepared to understand our customers’ needs and provide a reliable, systematic experience.

  • Integrity Through Actions – Maintaining honesty in everything we do through transparency.
  • Innovation through Curiosity – Remaining insatiably curious toward new approaches to business and modes of thought.
  • Growth through Collaboration – Leveraging the collective genius and being open to opportunities and possibilities.
  • Accountability through Empowerment – Purposeful actions – not empty words.
  • Passion through Purpose – Loving what we do by finding our passion through a collective purpose.
  • Service through Reliability – Service is key to our survival as an organization embodied through our integrity, innovation, growth, accountability and passion to provide a well-rounded exceptional service experience.