Advantages of Buying a House with Cash - Service First Mortgage

There are many advantages that some homebuyers may overlook when purchasing a home with cash. Check out some of these secrets all cash buyers should be aware of during the home buying process.

No More Mortgage Payments

Paying with cash means no more mortgage payments! Paying your mortgage in full upfront allows you to focus on other expenses and avoid the stress of making a monthly mortgage payment.

Paying for a house in cash helps you have more financial freedom.

Save on Interest

Interest rates can change at any given moment. A benefit of being a cash buyer is the ability to save on interest costs.

Save on Closing Costs

Cash buyers have the power to avoid additional costs such as closing costs. Eliminating this cost could save you thousands of dollars.

Easier Process to Get a Home Equity Loan

As a cash buyer, there are less steps you have to take when applying for an equity loan. There is also a chance that you could borrow up to 80 percent of the home’s value, if needed, for renovations.

Minimal Impacts of Housing Market Changes

Many homebuyers that purchase home loans can be affected by fluctuations in the housing market. On the other hand, cash buyers have a smaller chance of being affected than someone who is making payments on their home.

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