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With the weather getting warmer now is the perfect time of year to do a little home refreshment. Spring into the new season with these 7 tips for cleaning, planting, and tidying up around the house!

  1. Flower Beds. The fall and winter months do a number on trees, bushes, and flower beds. These are easiest to clean up early in the year before new growth begins to take. Carefully clear the ground for any dead annuals, dried leaves, and fallen branches. Many perennials will need to be cut and cultivated in certain ways to maximize their growth for the coming year.
  2. Planting Season. Once you have a clean bed of soil you’re ready add some new plants. Prepare for planting by loosening the soil 12-18 inches deep and then smoothing the surface with a rake. Once the plants are in-ground add a layer of mulch to keep out weeds, diseases, and excess moisture. Finish up with some simple edging to maintain a nice boundary between your lawn and the flower bed.
  3. Outside Repairs. Winter can be tough on those wooden fences. Inspect the condition and replace any boards you find that are rotting or damaged. The same goes for your home- locate areas that could use a fresh coat of paint or need securing with a few new nails. The heat, animals, and insects that come in the summer can take a toll on a home lacking in regular maintenance.
  4. Run the Water. Remove frost coverings from your hose and check the hose itself. If you find any leaks go ahead and replace it. The same goes for your outdoor watering system. Run the sprinklers and take note of any heads that are malfunctioning or leaking water. Better to repair those now instead of waiting for triple digit heat.
  5. Get Ready For a Swim. Own a swimming pool? If so you’d better get to work! Pools need plenty of love and attention to stay in proper working order. Start by cleaning the surface and running a pump to filter the water. After that initial cleaning monitor your chemical levels to make sure you’re keeping the water properly balanced.
  6. Sell Your Junk. Yard sales are a great way to earn extra cash to pay for all your spring repairs. Sitting in a chair while neighbors dig through your old stuff isn’t your thing? You can always donate your unwanted treasures to a worthy cause or charity.
  7. Air Out The House. They don’t call it Spring Cleaning for nothing! Scrub the tile, wipe down the baseboards, clean inside window frames, clean out faucets, replace filters, and shampoo those Christmas stains out of the carpet. This is the time of year to do all those little chores you’ve been putting off for too long.

Springtime is busy but just remember- the more you get done early the more time you’ll have to enjoy the coming summer! If you found this article helpful be sure and keep up with the Service First Blog for more useful living tips!

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