5 Star Review Round Up - September 2019 - Service First Mortgage

We get it – home buying can be daunting. Embarking on a journey to make one of the largest purchases of your life presents challenges you may not have thought of, but thankfully our Loan Officers are experts who are here to help!

So how are we doing? Let’s take a look at what our clients said last month!


Danny Faulkner III

With this being our first home buying experience we were stressed getting started, but as soon as we talked to Danny he took the stress out of it. We were able to actually enjoy this big milestone in our lives and owe so much of that to him. He was always quick to get back to us with any questions and kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. I couldn’t recommend Danny and his company more!
– Emily Y.

Sarah Frith

Sarah was easy to work with, she answered all of my questions quickly, and she knew exactly what paperwork I needed, where and how to get it. She made my home-buying experience very easy.
– Cassandra S.

Heather Stevenson

Heather was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely patient! As a first time home buyer, I had an abundant amount of questions. Heather patiently answered, or helped me find the answer, to every one without making me feel silly for asking!
– Elisa B.

Mel Rader

Mel has done a fantastic job! She was great with answering questions and if she didn’t have the answer would get it answered in a timely matter. I am a Realtor and will definitely trust Mel with my clients.
– Aniko P.

Diane Davalos

Our dealings with Service First were excellent. I cannot say enough good things about Diane and the service she provided to my wife and I during our home purchase. She made our home mortgage the easiest part of the entire transaction to buy our home.
– Dennis A.

Stephanie Philips

I highly recommend Stephanie Phillips especially for a V.A loan, everything was a lot less stressful and being able to finally close on our house after being strung along with a different company it was great to finally find someone who made the process quick and easy
– Nicholas L.

Jared Wilson

Jared was absolutely wonderful to work with. He and his team made it easy for us, and never hesitated to answer any of our questions. Jared cares about veterans and their families, which showed immediately with how willing he and his team were to work with us. His app made it so easy to upload all our documents within seconds, making life easy for our family schedule. Jared was 100% transparent, quick to respond, and gave us a great deal. I completely recommend Jared and his team.
– Alyssa S.

Tony Byrne

I loved working with Tony and his team. They worked together efficiently. Kept up with all of our needs. Sent out reminder and deadlines to ensure we stayed on target date. Tony was honest and real. We told him “this is what we can do, help us”. and that’s exactly what they did! If you’re looking for real, and honest people. These are your people!
– Mackenzie G.

Josh Smith

Josh made it simple! He was prompt and professional. He communicated with me throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend family and friends to Josh!
– Robert B.

Bernie Dement

Without Bernie helping me with my mortgage financing, (First and refinancing) I would have not been able to buy my house . I am forever grateful to Bernie for all the help and advice he had given me. He never gave up on helping me. Thank you so very much Bernie.
– Isabelita P.

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