4 Phrases to Avoid during a Home Tour - Service First Mortgage

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re most likely going on many home tours with your real estate agent. During these tours, it’s important to avoid using certain phrases that may be overheard by others such as sellers, neighbors or listing agents.

Here are four things you should not saying during a home tour and why.

“I love it. It’s perfect!”

Even if you are sure that you’ve finally found your dream home, it is best to save this comment for later when you are and your agent have the opportunity to speak privately. If someone other than the agent overhears you say this, you may have a harder time during negotiations, especially if you’re offering less than full price or requesting concessions.

“The (décor, furniture, paint color) is awful!”

Even if you can’t believe anyone would ever decorate, furnish or paint their house in this manner, don’t say it aloud. If the feedback gets back to the seller, they may be hesitant to entertain any offer you make on their home.

“This home is way overpriced.”

Even if you do think the home is overpriced, you should be careful making this statement, especially at the beginning of your home search. What if it is the best option you can find? The seller and agent will remember your name and what you said about the price when they see your offer letter.

“Will the sellers take X price?”

It is best to keep the amount you’re interesting in offering on the property between you and your agent until negotiations are underway.

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Source: Inman.com