4 Home Projects to Do With Your Kids During Quarantine - Service First Mortgage

As the days get warmer and the Shelter-in-Place order still in effect, many of us are getting cabin fever using anything as an excuse to go outside and enjoy the sun. This makes it the perfect time to get out and work on some home improvement projects.

While it might seem like a big challenge, it is also a great opportunity to get your kids involved where you can help them learn valuable skills, help your home look better, and spend some meaningful time together.

If you haven’t thought about what home projects you would want to tackle, we have some family-friendly ideas to help get you started.

Paint your spare room

A new coat of paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh a room and make it come to life. Getting your little ones involved is a great way to introduce them to DIY painting, learning how to pick the right colors (You can do this once they get a little older), and how to work neatly.

To get started, you will need your choice of paint (obviously), painter’s tape, rollers, catch pans, and a plastic tarp to cover your floor.

Once you start working on your first wall, let your kids work on another while showing them how to properly use a paint roller until you have the majority of the walls done. Next, you can tackle the more intricate details teaching them how to “stay in the lines” when working on trim.

Before you know it, the room will be done and you will have helpers for future paint jobs.

Build your own outdoor games

Who doesn’t love a good backyard game of cornhole? It’s a game that almost any age can enjoy and they are fairly simple to make. Grab some wood, break out the power tools, and get to creating.

For this project, you will need:

• (2) 2′ x 4′ pieces of 1/2″ plywood (you can find these in stores already cut to size)
• (4) 2×4 x 4′ for the frames (you can find these in stores already cut to size)
• (8) 2×4 x 2′ for the frames (4 of them will be cut to 21″, and 2 will be cut into 11-1/2″ pieces; you really only need 6 of these 2x4s, but might as well buy a couple extra in case you make a mistake)
• 1 pound box of 1-5/8″ deck screws
• (24) 3″ deck screws
• (4) 1/2″ x 4″ carriage bolts with (4) washers and (4) wing nuts
• Primer and paint of your choice (or wood finish)
• Don’t forget bean bags

Once you get your materials, it’s time to begin. For safety, it’s probably best for you to build the board and let your kids decorate it at the end.

• Step 1: Cut the wood to size—Pieces that weren’t already cut to the appropriate size will need to be cut with a circular saw.
• Step 2: Make your boxes— Get your two 4′ 2x4s and two 21″ 2×4 pieces. Fasten them together into a rectangle with the 21″ pieces inside the 4′ pieces.
• Step 3: Round off the legs—Round off the legs by using a coffee cup to trace an arch around the top.
• Step 4: Fasten the legs to the box
• Step 5: Cut your legs to the proper height—Per corhole regulations, the board must be 12” from the ground, so you’ll need to cut the bottom of the legs a little.
• Step 6: Cut your hole in the platform—Draw a 6” diameter hole with a compass and cut using a jigsaw.
• Step 7: Sand—Use an orbital sander to make sure your platform is nice and smooth. Make sure to get inside the hole as well.
• Step 8: Decorate—This is where you can let you kids come in and give it the final touches with a custom paint job.

Make stepping stones

Homemade stepping stones are a creative way to refresh your garden or walkway. While you can buy kits at the craft store, they are expensive and you can get the same results (or better) with things you collect around your house and at the hardware store.

What you’ll need:
• Bag of cement or mortar mix
• A mold—You can use old baking pans, pizza boxes, food tins, or other containers that match what you’re wanting to do.
• Decorations—Shells, marbles, or anything else you might want to use. Get creative!

Mix your concrete per the instructions, fill your mold, and add your decorations. The result will be something you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Install Outdoor Solar Lights

Having accent lighting on your house can really increase the curb appeal of your house. An easy way to do this without wiring new lighting to your house is to put in outdoor solar lights. These simply stick into the ground wherever you want them to go.

Solar lights are easy to get at many hardware and supermarkets, and once you decide where you want them to go, your kids can do the rest of the work placing them in the ground. They will enjoy seeing the lights turn on as the sun goes down.